“Reconciled by the Light” by Ron Pappalardo

Reconciled by the LightReconciled by the Lightis the true story of a father whose teenage son committed suicide. Such an event often tears a family apart. Devastated, but not defeated, the author describes his journey to find a way to forgive his son and himself. This forgiveness comes through love, and leads to a greater peace than he ever imagined possible, both for himself and his son.

In the book the author describes spiritual communications that he believes are from his son. But, as he notes, his other children are skeptical. In the end, he wrote the book to help people, believers and skeptics alike, to deal with the tragedy and trauma of suicide and sudden death. Whether or not you believe in spiritual phenomena is not really important: This father and son’s story would be moving even if it were all fiction.

Read my complete review published on Wizzley.

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