Why Does Humankind Consist of Men and Women?

Perhaps it is obvious that humankind should consist of men and women, two genders, not just one. After all, “it takes two to tango” doesn’t it? But, on the other hand, why would one kind of human being not have been enough? Problems between the two genders have occurred throughout history, often with disastrous results, … More Why Does Humankind Consist of Men and Women?

The Unbroken Heart

During a recent meditation I had a deep experience. It started by entering an antique store with some friends. The store was dusty and full of old things, mostly junk. Nothing was very interesting to me. The owner, an old man, approached me and invited me to come to a back room. When we entered … More The Unbroken Heart

Becoming an Author

I wasn’t always an author, or even an editor, but I was always some kind of academic. With parents who were teachers, my mother a music teacher and my father a psychology professor, that’s not really surprising. But my interest initially was in science, so the only writing I did and was trained to do … More Becoming an Author

On Writing Essays

We have all written essays, too many essays, in high school, in college, job applications, and they were mostly terrible. At least I have great confidence that mine were. I did go to university, but not the one that required the essay. I did pass my English classes, but I did not get good grades … More On Writing Essays

Reflections on publishing the book, “The Kalki Avatar – Tears for Nepal”

I was approached to work with Ginger Nicholls on a book about her experiences as a Unification missionary in Nepal a few months ago. At first I was hesitant, not knowing what to expect and being rather ignorant about Nepal. But now I have confidence that Ginger and her husband John, who surely deserves a … More Reflections on publishing the book, “The Kalki Avatar – Tears for Nepal”