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Fiction Books


The Catalpa Tree Fairy and Other Stories, 2017
The Catalpa Tree Fairy and Other Stories is a collection of short stories inspired by the author’s own life, with a healthy dose of fantasy. In the title story, Naida and her little group of young tree fairies learn how to take care of their newly assigned trees, and each other. The others include the story of Paul who enjoys the company of a beautiful songbird, Zoe who has a favorite professor who turns out to be even more unusual than she first thought. Maria meets an interesting old woman and her cat living in the forest. Joey always wanted a pet and is delighted when a special cat chooses to live with him. Astrid is a young mermaid whose love of dolphins helps her learn to sing.
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Non-Fiction Books

My Life of Faith: A Memoir by Therese M. Stewart, 2021
This memoir documents the remarkable life of faith of Therese Stewart. Her words offer inspiration and illumination for the reader’s own spiritual path. Included are a selection of letters, reflections, testimonies, and other writings, as well as numerous photographs documenting her life with family, colleagues, and friends. For more information.

Stories to Nourish the Heart, 2021

“Stories to Nourish the Heart” is a compilation of the reflections that Elisabeth Seidel wrote for her blog. They are insights from her life, a life of faith and service to others, to those she has embraced as her extended family, her “tribe.” Elisabeth’s heart embraces people the world over as God’s children, children of our one Heavenly Parent. Here she shares life experiences that have nourished her heart. For more information.

Reflections on Unification Theology: Revealing the World of Heart, 2021

Unification Theology is a new understanding of God, based on the revelation received by Sun Myung Moon. Co-authors Dietrich Seidel and Jennifer Tanabe, reflect on what this new theology reveals about the nature of God, the purpose of our lives, and the significance of the present age in human history. The reader is invited to join them on their quest to see the world through the eyes of the heart, and in so doing to experience the true love of God. For more information


The Cosmic Art of Yuichi Tanabe, 2020

This small volume contains a collection of the cosmic art of Yuichi Tanabe. Cosmic art is art that reflects both the physical world, the world of science, of the natural world of planets, oceans, and creatures of the earth, and the world of spirit, the realm of mind, of thought, of imagination, of mythology and religion, dreams and all things eternal that transcend our physical world of time and space. Available in print, and as an ebook. For more information.

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Unification Faith Parenting: 13 Best Practices, 2019
Dr.  Michael H. Kiely presents “best practices” for faith parenting, based on experiences and strategies shared by six Unification families in raising children who ultimately made their family’s faith their own. Through their words this book covers what not to do as well as what to do in faith parenting your kids. For more information.

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The Quest to Pass On Our Religious Tradition to The Next Generation, 2019

Rollain Nsemi Muanda and Jennifer P. Tanabe discuss the challenges that parents face, the needs of the next generation that must be satisfied as they grow to adulthood, and the responsibilities that family, religious organization, community, and the next generation themselves share on their spiritual journey. For more information.


Stories of My Life: The Search for True Love, 2019

A memoir of Elisabeth Seidel’s life. It includes stories from her childhood in the French Alps, her search for a better life, finding the Unification Church, and meeting her husband with whom she spent forty years on this earth experiencing the true love of God. For more information.


Spiritual Guidance for Daily Life: Sermons by Dietrich F. Seidel, 2018
This volume contains sermons by Dietrich F. Seidel, theologian and marriage and family counselor. The reader will find here valuable spiritual guidance that can inform, inspire, and enlighten us all as to how to make our daily lives more meaningful, more successful, more loving, and closer to God’s original ideal for humankind. For more information.

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Eternal Life in the Spirit World, 2017
This book introduces the reality of the spirit world and how to best prepare ourselves for our eternal life there. It contains philosophical and theological background to our understanding of the spiritual realm; numerous testimonies from near-death experiences that affirm the continued existence of the spirit after the death of the physical body; practical information on life in the spirit world; and messages from those who have ascended to their loved ones remaining on earth. For more information.

Kalki Avatar-B-2s

The Kalki Avatar – Tears for Nepal, 2017
This memoir describes the struggles and triumphs, both internal and external, that Ginger Nicholls and her husband, John, went through during the 15 years they spent as Unificationist missionaries to Nepal. Told in Ginger’s honest and personable style, the stories are at times heart-wrenching and at other times hilarious, recounting challenges that range from the mundane to the life-threatening.
Also available as an ebook  – with color photos (for those with color e-readers)!

Front cover

Beloveds, Forever Together: Letters of Eternal Love, 2017

This volume is in the form of letters written by Dietrich and Elisabeth Seidel to each other during their four decades of married life. Many are pure love letters, while others include practical matters of concern while their spouse was far away. The final entry is a letter written by Elisabeth to her beloved Dietrich after he transitioned into the next world. For more information.


Unification Insights into Marriage and Family: The Writings of Dietrich F. Seidel, 2016
A collection of the writings of Dr. Dietrich F. Seidel. Writings on marriage and family enrichment offer practical advice on improving your relationship with your spouse, child rearing, making God central to your family and finding true love, all presented in an enjoyable and easy to read style. Other articles show a more scholarly form and topic, such as human nature and the love of God. Reflective pieces on his experiences as a Unificationist are also included in this collection. For more information.

Contemplating Unification Thought

Contemplating Unification Thought, 2013
A series of reflections on the basic theories of Unification Thought, the philosophical system developed by Sang Hun Lee based on the revelations received by Sun Myung Moon, and systematized and applied to the traditional fields of philosophy in a novel and intriguing way. Contains discussions of these ideas in the context of critical analyses by a variety of scholars as well as of how these ideas may be applied to issues that we face in our everyday lives. Includes diagrams illustrating key ideas.

Unification Thought Supplementary Materials

Unification Thought Supplementary Materials, 2009
A collection of materials supplementing texts on Unification Thought by Dr. Sang Hun Lee, the philosophical system derived from revelations received by Sun Myung Moon, and systematized and applied to the traditional fields of philosophy in a novel and intriguing way. This volume includes clarifications given by Dr. Sang Hun Lee on a number of points in answer to questions raised by participants in Unification Thought seminars.

The Words of David S.C. Kim

The Words of David S.C. Kim: Let Us Learn from the Past, 2010

The speeches and writings of Dr. David Sang Chul Kim, early member of Reverend Sun Myung Moon’s Unification Church. This volume is a compilation of his writings and speeches from his 50 years of service in the West. Learn more about this book here.

Biography of David S.C. Kim

The Ideal Family to Be or Not to Be: Testimonies of a Life of Faith, 2010 
A biography of David Sang Chul Kim, early follower of Reverend Sun Myung Moon and pioneer missionary to the United Kingdom and United States of America. In full color, illustrated with personal photographs and enhanced by quotations from his many speeches and writings.
Learn more about this book here.

Let Us Work Together for Good: David S.C. Kim’s Life of Service to God, 2011
This is the third in the series on the life of David S.C. Kim, early follower of Reverend Sun Myung Moon. A historical record of his activities, it contains numerous documents from his archives collected over more than half a century of service to God.
Learn more about this book here.

The Crucial Challenge for International Aid

The Crucial Challenge for International Aid:
Making the Donor-Recipient Relationship Work to Prevent Catastrophe, 2014 
This book maps, analyzes and presents possible solutions  to a very serious problem the world is facing today, namely how to resolve and reduce the risk of conflict between developed (Donor) countries and developing (Recipient) countries. In particular, the conditions leading to success or failure of international aid from donor to recipient countries are studied in detail.
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