“The Gift of a Traveler” by Wendy Matthews

An original and beautifully illustrated story, “The Gift of a Traveler” is a fascinating Christmas tale. Written in a way that older children can appreciate, it is the kind of story that can be enjoyed every year by all ages. The wonderful pictures by Robert Van Nutt are enough to capture the attention of any child … More “The Gift of a Traveler” by Wendy Matthews

“Miracles Happen” the autobiography of Mary Kay Ash

You’ve probably heard of Mary Kay Cosmetics – you know, the company that sells skincare and make up and gives their top people pink Cadillacs – but do you know anything about Mary Kay herself? Yes, Mary Kay Ash was a real person, a woman who founded her own company in 1963 when society didn’t … More “Miracles Happen” the autobiography of Mary Kay Ash

“Jonathan Livingston Seagull” by Richard Bach

If you’re a “baby boomer” you probably remember “Jonathan Livingston Seagull” very well! This book appeared in the early 1970s when so many of us were searching for inspiration. Loving the uplifting message but without even understanding the religious undercurrents, we embraced it as one of our classics. It can be read just as a … More “Jonathan Livingston Seagull” by Richard Bach

“Reconciled by the Light” by Ron Pappalardo

“Reconciled by the Light” is the true story of a father whose teenage son committed suicide. Such an event often tears a family apart. Devastated, but not defeated, the author describes his journey to find a way to forgive his son and himself. This forgiveness comes through love, and leads to a greater peace than … More “Reconciled by the Light” by Ron Pappalardo