The Cosmic Art of Yuichi Tanabe

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This small volume, published in 2020, contains a collection of the cosmic art of Yuichi Tanabe compiled and edited by Jennifer P. Tanabe.

Cosmic art is art that reflects both the physical world, the world of science, of the natural world of planets, oceans, and creatures of the earth, and the world of spirit, the realm of mind, of thought, of imagination, of mythology and religion, dreams and all things eternal that transcend our physical world of time and space. 

Yuichi Tanabe’s cosmic art combines these two realms in unique and beautiful ways. The realm of mythology is filled with creatures of every imaginable type, and in this collection their beauty is brought to the fore as they enjoy novel connections to our physical realm.

I hope these images are viewed with eyes that appreciate beauty, because true art always includes the quality of beauty!

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