“Scarlett Feather” by Maeve Binchy

Scarlett FeatherScarlet Feather” is one of Maeve Binchy’s many novels, and I can honestly say that it is every bit as enjoyable as her best books, and in some places even more so. Maeve Binchy wrote about people in her native Ireland, about their every day lives, hopes, dreams, and disappointments. Never dull, yet completely believable, her characters experience life the way many Irish people have over the past half century and more. Some travel to distant lands for vacations, or to start a new life. Some marry the right person and have a wonderful family; others marry the wrong person and suffer; others don’t marry at all but have a variety of affairs. Some characters are good people, some less so, but all are fascinating.

Did I say it’s not dull? Never boring, always fraught with the real challenges of life and the challenges of a society itself going through changes, this book is a joy to read. And of course, being a Brit, albeit from Scotland, it does feel kind of like home!

Read my full review published on Wizzley.

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