Becoming an Author

I wasn’t always an author, or even an editor, but I was always some kind of academic. With parents who were teachers, my mother a music teacher and my father a psychology professor, that’s not really surprising. But my interest initially was in science, so the only writing I did and was trained to do … More Becoming an Author

On Writing Essays

We have all written essays, too many essays, in high school, in college, job applications, and they were mostly terrible. At least I have great confidence that mine were. I did go to university, but not the one that required the essay. I did pass my English classes, but I did not get good grades … More On Writing Essays

Reflections on publishing the book, “The Kalki Avatar – Tears for Nepal”

I was approached to work with Ginger Nicholls on a book about her experiences as a Unification missionary in Nepal a few months ago. At first I was hesitant, not knowing what to expect and being rather ignorant about Nepal. But now I have confidence that Ginger and her husband John, who surely deserves a … More Reflections on publishing the book, “The Kalki Avatar – Tears for Nepal”


As a Brit growing up in Scotland I was raised on tea, of course. We always had a pot of tea, not with teabags, the real loose tea leaves put directly in the pot: “One teaspoon per person and one for the pot” was the correct amount to use. You warmed the pot first while … More Tea